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Creating a world with no boundaries through virtual reality.

They say it’s a small world. We beg to differ.

Explore the untapped virtual world with Experius, a trusted, full-service virtual and augmented reality studio. We engage body and mind through the industry’s most advanced technologies like 360 video, photogrammetry, volumetric video, and 3D audio.

But innovation aside, we stand out as bold explorers, constantly seeking and creating virtual experiences that excite, thrill and change the way we look at the world. Because we believe that some of the most vivid voyages you’ll ever take will be virtual.

Founded by Andrew Hendricks, son of Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks, and Elliott Mizroch, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, ExperiusVR is comprised of the industry’s most talented, innovative VR/AR experts. We aim to thrill the senses, deliver the most captivating experiences, and ultimately change the way we interact with the world.

Our latest completed VR project in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings proves just that. We emerged with incredible photogrammetry models which may serve as the backbone and future of many VR/AR experiences to come. We’re writing VR history as we document ancient history — and our hope is that this trend of digital preservation leads to more advances in education and beyond.

ExperiusVR has proudly led the way in delivering the most immersive VR/AR content for a full range of industries and clients all over the world since 2014. Tombs aside, our vast portfolio includes everything from innovative car commercials for renowned brands like Mercedes and Audi to immersive military simulations for the U.S. Army — all created with advanced technologies like 360 video, photogrammetry, volumetric video, and 3D audio. Up next for ExperiusVR: an immersive training simulation for heart surgeons at Cleveland Clinic.

Because we’re explorers at heart, aside from our production company, our Experius Venture Fund is focused on investing in VR/AR technologies that can take us even further. Along the way, we’ve made investments in key companies our team identified as having the most cutting-edge technology fueling our industry’s growth. Today, ExperiusVR serves as a hub and creative force for all things VR/AR: a turnkey production company, a boutique venture fund, and a strategic partner at the ready to complete VR/AR projects of all sizes and industries.

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We’re in the business of breaking boundaries to connect with audiences like never before. Our relentless pursuit in creating the most engaging, immersive AR/VR experiences translates to 360-degree success for all of our partners.

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