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Experius VR is a full-service virtual reality studio.

We create professional grade immersive 360° video content and interactive virtual reality experiences for all desktop, mobile and VR platforms. Our studio uses cutting edge 360° virtual reality camera systems, directional 3D audio capture technologies, photogrammetry, and volumetric video capture to create the highest quality, live-action virtual reality cinema.

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How to Watch VR

Bring the physical world to life through your computer, tablet, phone or VR headset.

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    Head-mounted Display

Connect with your audience in ways never before possible.

360° Virtual Reality experiences are a revolutionary approach to marketing, storytelling and film. We're here to help you engage your audience with amazing experiences.

360° Video Process


Story Board

Our storytellers will collaborate with you to develop an outline of all the elements to best tell your story. This becomes the road map for the 360° filming process.



Whether it’s a simple one location 360° experience, or an interactive virtual reality narrative story, we have the technology and the expertise to execute quickly and efficiently.


Rough Stitch

This is where video from multiple cameras is 'stitched' for preview in 360°. Our creative director will invite you to review the full footage at this stage to decide on a finalized storyboard.


Final Stitch

The final shots are chosen and approved by you. Our post production team focuses in on the selected scenes to make sure the stitching is seamless.



The final selection of scenes are edited into a 360° sphere and your story is developed in a creative sequence of visualization. Scenes are put together into a story line, tested out in different platforms, and strung out for maximum effect.


3D Sound

3D audio is added to the video to intensify the virtual reality experience and create a sense of presence to the end user, as sound comes to them from all directions.



After the final stitch, edit and addition of 3d audio, color correction is added. Attributions, corporate message and credits are created and added to the video. Your 360° video is ready to be offered to the world.



The placement and platforms are up to you. We upload the 360° video to social sites like Facebook & YouTube to be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Your experience can also be integrated into an iOS or Android application or programmed to be watched on a head-mounted display.

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